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Like most programs, the Preferences sets global settings and other options that couldn't be hidden anywhere else. These other options include registering software, switching debugging settings, and checking for newer updates.

Using the Preferences controls

To open the preferences:

  1. Do one of the following:
    - Select Preferences... from the iScreensaver Designer menu.
    - On Macintosh, type Command-, (comma).
    - On Windows, type Control-, (comma).
  2. - With an unregistered copy of iScreensaver Designer, on the Projects window, click the 'Register' button.
  3. The Preferences controls will open.
  4. Every item has a detailed ToolTip.


Set global settings.

Preferences: Preferences

Application Startup

Set up how you wish to start up iScreensaver either with no project open, a new project, or the previously used project. Uncheck to stop opening the Project List window upon startup, though it will still be available from the menu bar.

New Project

Upon a new project, the wizard autofills your screensaver name into many places, including the project name, the control panels, the locking dialogs, the installers, and the screensaver filenames. While you can skip the wizard, unchecking this preference will permanently stop it.

Metadata Sharing

Automatically import titles, descriptions, album names, and other information that has been saved within the authoring system's Music and Photos libraries.

Palette Windows

Change how the Info Palette appears when switching applications.

Disk Cache Settings

If you have limited hard drive space on the authoring system, these controls might need to be adjusted.

Saved Preferences

Reset the Project List window, all of the window positions, and uncheck any checked "Don't Show Again" warnings.


Switch between Thumbnails and List view, or selection and order of columns listed.

Preferences: Defaults


Enter and view your registration code.

Preferences: Registration

Registration Dialog

Enter your Registered Name and Registration Code. This information will be emailed after payment processing. As they are case-sensitive, for quickest results, we recommend using copy and paste from your email receipt.

Preferences: Registration


Check for software updates, or view our Privacy Policy.

Preferences: Update


In case of strange behavior that we haven't encountered, we've included a space to gather technical information, or to purge the system of older temporary media. We hope your need of these is non-existant.

Preferences: Debug

Clear all Cached files

Removes all thumbnails and compressed items from the authoring machine. New thumbnails will be generated when the project is next used, and compressed items upon the next build. It lists how many files and how much space can be opened by clearing these files. This action cannot be undone.

Debug Log Window

Opens the debugging window, where many iScreensaver actions are logged.

Crash Logs Folder

Opens the folder containing any Crash Logs, in case data needs to be sent for tracking and correcting an error.

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