iScreensaver Designer, the editing and authoring software, works on both Macintosh and Windows PC computers and either version will create screensavers for both platforms.

Version Released 17 May 2024 See Release Notes.

mac os x
Download iScreensaver Designer 6
for macOS 10.12 to 14

79.3 MB
Download iScreensaver Designer 6
for Windows 10 (64 bit) or Windows 11 (64 bit)

61.6 MB

Demonstration Screensavers

Interested in how the finished screensavers work? Want ideas for some visual content?
Try these demo screensavers for macOS (10.11 and later) and Windows (7 and later):

iScreensaver : Downloads
The essential screensaver demonstration of all types of possible visual assets - motion images, 3d GLTF models, and movies.

screensaver example: Space

162.1 MB

150.8 MB

Screensaver Showcase

30-Year Anniversary celebration and homage to our 1994 i-D Magazine Gold Award for Artistic & Technical Achievement.

A flipbook of faces - do you see yourself?

Example of slicing one hundred faces, shuffled and custom dissolving.

Spivey & Copperfield present
Facewonkers macOSmacOS
110 MB
Facewonkers Windowswindows
104 MB

An impossibly infinite music video remix from eminent music producer JD the Demo.

Shuffled screensaver dissolves 40 HD video clips in an endlessly varied sequence. **A most unique music distribution concept.

Spivey & Copperfield present
JD The Demo's
Burning Down The House
JD The Demo macOSmacOS
555 MB
JD The Demo Windowswindows
520 MB

World-class photography gallery, wildlife and landscapes from exciting Pacific Northwest photographer Maxey Adams.

Screensaver uses picture overlays and both dissolves and motion XY Effects.

Maxey Adams Photos
Maxey Adams macOSmacOS
123.5 MB
Maxey Adams Windowswindows
110.6 MB

Images and video showcasing some of the best from the Hubble Space Telescope. Many of these fantastical images are as much as 4096 pixels across, allowing slow tumbles into neverending galaxies.

Examples of XYZ three dimensional motion.
Space HST
SpaceHST macOSmacOS
283.7 MB
SpaceHST Windowswindows
275.3 MB

Demonstrating rapid 2D spinning with up to four revolving layers at once, TripWonkers is a prime example of still images set for a cascading variety of mindbendingly simple hypnotic effects.

Join the revolution!
Commander Gaijin's TripWonkers

89.7 MB

87.8 MB

Visiting Fiji's Coral Coast, sitting at the beach from dawn to dusk with the simple pleasures of the sea and of the passing sun.

Example using panorama photos.

Fiji Panorama Demonstration

47.9 MB

38.1 MB

Older Software:

iScreensaver Designer Version - Released 10 Oct 2019:

     DOWNLOAD for macOS for macOS 10.9 through 10.12.

     DOWNLOAD for Windows for Windows Windows 7 through 10.

iScreensaver Designer Version - Released 27 Jun 2012:

     DOWNLOAD for macOS for macOS 10.5 through 10.9.

     DOWNLOAD for Windows for Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7.

Older Software [Unsupported]:

VISIT our Legacy v3 website for older iScreensaver software information and forums, please note that some technical information and advice may be very dated.

VISIT the official 2003-2007 Burning Man screensavers, and our Falling Man 2010-2012 experimental Burning Man screensavers. [only iScreensaver v4.5 currently available]

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