iScreensaver Personal 4.5 for macOS

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DOWNLOAD iScreensaver Personal from the Mac App Store.

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About iScreensaver Personal

iScreensaver Personal version 4.5, available via the Mac App Store, is for macOS individual users only, is an older version which has a limited feature set compared to iScreensaver Designer.

What is the same?

Screensaver Sequencing:
The main Video and Audio screensaver sequencing, including importing all types of file formats with overlaying multi-font text captions and translucent image elements.

Screensaver Editing:
All playback options, including the Info palette, Preview stage, HUD, and Instant Access.

What are the differences?

It's easy, it's personal: It only builds for your Mac. You can not distribute the screensavers to other computers. Since there are just a few options for installation, the Locking and Controls tools are removed and Build options reduced. It's built on older technology (Carbon, rather than Cocoa) and supports older computers (all the way back to OS X 10.5).

Oh...and it's a whole lot cheaper.

We recommend reading the User Manual for details on Designing, Creating, and Editing screensaver projects.

If you are interested in samples built using iScreensaver, please visit the Showcase section of our Downloads page.

Thank you for your interest in iScreensaver.
We are really excited to have you play!

Toolbar differences between iScreensaver Designer and iScreensaver Personal:

Build Example

iScreensaver Designer, Personal, and Personal Build options.

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