Importing Photos and Videos

Making a screensaver using Photos and Videos from

iScreensaver 6 will automatically import the original unedited full-resolution images when you drag & drop from to iScreensaver.

Staring with version 6.3, you can also import Live Photos automatically (requires macOS 10.13 or later).

Drag & Drop | Custom Export | LivePhotos

Drag & Drop from to iScreensaver

The easiest way is to simply Drag & Drop your files from into iScreensaver.
Note: this will give you the original, unedited files at full resolution. If you want to use edited files, Do a Custom Export first.

  • Open the
  • Find your images and movies.
  • If you want to edit metadata (such as Title or Description) do that first.
  • Select one or more images or movies.
  • Drag & drop the selected items directly onto the iScreensaver Designer sequence editor window.
  • [Alternatively, you can Copy and Paste - this gives the same results]
  • Designer will scan your photos library. Be sure to grant permission if the OS asks for it.

Exporting images or movies from on macOS

When you drag & drop from to iScreensaver, you will get the original high-resolution unedited files. In some cases you may prefer to get files that include edits you made within In this case, simply export the files first:

  • Open the
  • Select one or more images or movies.
  • From the File menu, choose Export.... You will have a choice of Export Unmodified Original as well as Export.
  • Choose Export and you will have a choice of resolutions.
  • Photos:
    • Photo Kind: JPEG
    • JPEG Quality: High
    • Size: Custom, Max Width of 4096.
  • Movies:
    • Quality: 1080p
  • Once the export is complete, drag & drop the folder directly onto the iScreensaver Designer sequence editor window.

Importing Live Photos to make a Screensaver

iScreensaver version 6.3 or later will automatically import LivePhotos

To import Live Photos [macOS 10.13, 10.14, or 10.15 with iScreensaver 6.3 or later] :

To import Live Photos [on macOS 10.12, or when using iScreensaver 6.2 or earlier] :

The .MOV assets will be automatically added as new items in the Sequence area.

To import Live Photos on Windows :

For more information, also see Import Photos

Live Photos Tips:

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