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The Wizard's Guide to Building Screensavers

Make a Slide Show Screensaver (Windows) :


To prepare, you will need to download iScreensaver Designer, and have either a Movie or folder of Images already gathered together (in your computer!).

For a slide show, have a folder with all the images on your hard drive. You will be able to choose to play them in Random order or the order in which they are Selected in the 'Select Images' dialog, so name them in a way that will assist you in setting your playback order.

Please enter a Name :
You will need to name your screensaver here, and choose 'Slide Show' as your selection. The name will be initially used as your Project name, your Installer name, and your Screensaver name, which are all changeable later on when in Expert Mode.

Slide Show Content

Photos / Images :
Choose 'Select Images...' to select a folder of Images using the Select Images browser. On the browser, use the 'Add' button to move files into the right column. These images can include a variety of QuickTime formats.

Audio / Music :
Select your audio file and set whether it plays once or loops again and again.

Video Options

Delay :
Amount of seconds each image is on-screen before the next image is loaded into memory.

Order :
Choose whether the images are in Random order, or in the order listed in the selected column of the 'Select Images' browser.

Effect :
There are several video effects available in the Wizard, but there are more when in Expert Mode.

Preview Controls :
You can play, pause, rewind, step backwards and forwards, or even test Full Screen from this panel.

You can individualize settings for each image when in Expert Mode.

Build and Install

Install on my Computer Now :
This will build just the installer for your machine, and will walk you through the installation process.

Make Installer Program :
This will make both Windows and Macintosh installers and reveal them in the desktop. These can be emailed to users of either platform.

Expert Mode :
This will take you to the main editing environment of iScreensaver. All customized controls are available when your project is opened in Expert Mode.

Purchasing Your Screensaver

These buttons will open the Store pages of the iScreensaver website.

Other tours available:

Take the Expert Guided Tour.
View the Windows version
view the Macintosh version.
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iScreensaver Designer : The authoring environment Windows
Wizard : Create your first screensaver in under 5 minutes.
- Slide Shows :
- Movies :


Control Panel : Customize the screensaver control panel.
- Info sub-Panel :
- Options sub-Panel :
- Settings sub-Panel (Mac OS 9 only) :
- Help sub-Panel :



Content : Choose a movie or photos, and select display options.
- Movie options :
- Slide Show options :
Alternate : Include hidden content that is unlocked with a password. Go
Installer Window : Customize the screensaver installers with text and images. Go
Build / Install : Build screensaver installers for both Mac and Windows. Go

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