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iScreensaver Designer Guided Tour

iScreensaver Designer for Windows, Starting the Program :

The Project Window allows you to view and open the most recent Project files. The '.isc' Project file contains links to all the elements of your project, and can be freely transferred between Macintosh and Windows platforms. If you transfer projects between platforms, make sure to transfer all the elements as well. (we recommend that you store the movie, picture, and icon files in the same folder as the '.isc' file)
Choosing 'New Project' will open a new Untitled Build System window, while 'Open Project' will open the selected file from the list.

Help for this section:

  • New Project : Clicking here will open a blank untitled project window.
  • Open Project : If a project is selected in the list, clicking this button will open the project. If no project is selected, clicking will open a browsing dialog to choose a previously used project.
  • Project List : Displays all previous projects, double-click on a name to open the project.
    Hit the Delete key to remove a project from the list (this will not remove it from your hard disc, though)
  • ? : Will explain all this information.