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iScreensaver and Windows Vista

Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system has made numerous changes which can cause issues with some software products. Fortunately, iScreensaver and Vista are now compatible as of version 3.5.
There are a few minor issues to be aware of discussed below (especially for users of 3.4). All users are encouraged to upgrade to 3.5.

Upgrades to version 3.5 are free for all users with a valid 3.4 registration code!. Just download the new version.

Using Screensavers (created with iScreensaver 3.5) in Windows Vista

Installing an iScreensaver in Vista

Screensavers built with iScreensaver 3.5 work fine under Vista, with the following notes:
  • The installer should automatically run as administrator. If for some reason it doesn't, use your mouse to click the EXE file with your RIGHT mouse button and choose "Run as Administrator."
  • If required, enter the name & password of a valid administrator account. Note: as with most other applications, we recommend that only Administrator users should install under Vista
  • Follow the rest of the installation steps -- the screensaver will install.
  • For more technical details, please read the release notes

iScreensaver Operation in Vista

Once installed, an iScreensaver built using version 3.5 will function normally under Vista.
An iScreensaver built using version 3.4 will function normally under Vista, with the following notes:
  • The small preview display in the Control Panel may show up as a plain black square, however this will not prevent the screensaver from operating at full-screen.
  • The Uninstall button on the Screensaver Control Panel will not function. To uninstall the screensaver manually, see below.

iScreensaver Uninstall in Vista

To uninstall an iScreensaver (build with 3.4 or earlier) in Vista, follow these steps:
  • Click the Start Menu and choose "Computer."
  • Click "Local Disk (C)" and choose "Windows."
  • Scroll down untill you see the screensaver file.
  • Click the screensaver file with the right mouse button and choose "Delete..."
  • Click the Continue button to allow UAC permission.

Using iScreensaver Designer under Windows Vista

iScreensaver 3.5 is compatible with Windows Vista. All authors should download the upgrade now:

Installing iScreensaver Designer

To install iScreensaver Designer 3.4 under Vista (Click for illustrated step by step instructions):
  • Run the installer EXE from our website -- be sure to click "Run..."
  • You will see a notice that "the publisher can not be verified". This is normal. Click "Run".
  • Answer "Allow" at the next UAC prompt and if required, enter the name & password of a valid administrator account.
  • Note: non-administrators generally should not install software in Vista from another account.
  • Follow the rest of the installation steps -- iScreensaver Designer will install as usual.
  • ...Note: If you installed by first downloading the EXE to disk, or are installing from CD or DVD, you may see a notice saying "The program may not have installed properly". If this happens, just click "The program installed properly"

Using iScreensaver Designer 3.4 in Vista

Once installed, iScreensaver Designer will function normally under Vista, with the following caveats:
  • The sample projects are installed to a read-only folder. If you open and edit one of these projects, be sure to save it to your documents folder first by following these instructions.
  • The "Reveal" button (which shows you the location of a project or installer file) may give a "Shell timed out" error. This can be ignored.
  • You may see some minor cosmetic issues (such as wrong color in window tab panels and text that is cut off). This will not affect operation of your final screensaver.
  • Important: Under Vista, programs that function as Installers must have the world "Setup", "Install", or "Update" in their filename. Thus, make sure you name your screensaver installer with one of those words. For example, "Install XYZ Screensaver.EXE" would be a good name. More about Vista's "Installer Detection" feature
  • If for some reason Vista doesn't recognize your EXE as an installer: To properly test the screensaver installation, don't choose the "Install" button after building. Instead, click "Reveal" to show the EXE. Then, make sure you run it as administrator by clicking the EXE with your right mouse-button and choosing "Run As Administrator".

Distributing screensavers to clients

  • If you are distributing screensaver to clients who may be using Vista, the best way to ensure compatibility is to include the word "Setup" or "Install" in the download filename.
  • If you are unable to do this, then be sure to include on your download page the instructions to "Run As Administrator", listed above.