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iScreensaver Guided Tour

iScreensaver for Windows Installation :

After launching the screensaver installer, this window will be shown with the iScreensaver License Agreement.
The text may be different than shown here if it has been customized by an author using an Unlimited License.

  • Preview :
    Tests the screensaver immediately in full-screen mode, without installing it. This allows the user to see it in action and decide if they want to install it. Click the mouse or press any key to exit the screensaver and return to this Installation dialog box.
  • Info :
    Shows details about the installation process.
  • Cancel :
    Quits the Installer without installing the screensaver.
  • Install :
    Installs the screensaver on your system.

To Uninstall, use the Uninstall button on the screensaver settings control panel.