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iScreensaver Support

Help and Support Forums- Online bulletin board system with the latest information, help and support tips.
User Manual - Version 3 User Manual in PDF format.
Guided Tour - A graphical tour of all the features of the software.
Purchasing Info - Tips for using the online web store.
Contact Info - Various ways to contact us.
Mailing List - Sign up to receive news and product announcements via email.

Top FAQs

  1. Creating H.264 Video Assets
  2. Some Information About QuickTime
  3. Troubleshooting QuickTime for Windows
  4. Working with Flash
  5. Staying Green - Saving Energy
  6. Differences in iScreensaver Licenses
  7. That Annoying Wake-up Message
  8. Using the Web for Distribution
  9. Using CD-Roms for Distribution
  10. Creating Debug Information

Technical Information Required

When using the Help and Support Forums, please list the following information :
  • Platform, OS, iScreensaver Designer and QuickTime Version Numbers.
  • Total System RAM.
  • Available Hard Drive Space.
  • List All Third-Party Extensions Installed.
  • Describe Exactly What Happened/Is Happening.
Your questions may help answer other people's queries, so we appreciate your efforts in titling your Support query with the topic at hand.