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Purchase Orders

Placing the Order

Please put your purchase information into our Secure Online Store, to receive an order number and instructions for payment.

Note: The Yahoo Merchant System places the choice for Purchase Orders within the Credit Card section.
Choose "Purchase Order" from this menu:

Receipt and Instructions

You will receive a Receipt Email, followed by an Instructions Email with the following steps:
  1. Print out the Purchase Order (the original Receipt Email).
  2. Sign this PO, and submit it through your institutional PO process.
  3. If you have an institutional purchase order reference number and/or form, you may include these with your PO.
  4. To pay via check or money order, mail a copy of all documents, including a check drawn upon a bank in US Funds to:

    Xochi Media Inc
    8205 Santa Monica Boulevard #1-154
    West Hollywood, CA 90046-5958

    We're sorry, except for PayPal, we do not currently accept forms of electronic web payments, such as E-cheque.
  5. As soon as payment clears, your Registration Code will be emailed to you.