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iScreensaver Designer Guided Tour

iScreensaver Designer, Customizing the Installer :


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The Installer Window panel allows you to give your screensaver installer some personality - a name, a graphic image, and some descriptive and/or licensing text. Plus it customizes the features in a 'What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get' format. Change the 'Preview as :' to see how your screensaver installer will look under Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

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Customizing the Installer

  • Preview as... : Change the WYSIWYG look to any of the supported iScreensaver platforms.
  • Title : This text cannot be changed, and is based on the Title found on the Control Panel tab.
  • Picture : This is the Splash screen picture for your iScreensaver Installer.
    Click 'Select...' to open the File Browser to choose an image file.
    It is recommended to create your splash screen at 392x120 pixels, and to save it using the JPEG format, though any acceptable QuickTime still image format would work. If you use a file that is a different size, it will be automatically resized to fit 392x120 pixels and saved as a JPEG file.
    Click 'Reset' to restore the default splash file.
  • License / Info : This is the default license agreement between Xochi Media, Inc. and the end user. It is possible to edit and change this section to reflect your own legal agreement with the end user, however you must comply with our license agreement. Enter a description of the license agreement of your screensaver in this text field (or of whatever initial information you wish to share with the user before they install your screensaver). Since one aspect of cross-platform application creation is the system fonts used on the varying platforms are not exactly the same, please see our examples to view the differences between Windows and Macintosh system fonts. This text field automatically scrolls, so text differences are not as crucial as the other text fields noted in this guided tour.

User Controls : These are available during Install only.
  • Preview : The user can click to preview the screensaver using the full screen.
  • Info : The user can click to view pertinent technical information about the installation process.