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iScreensaver Designer Guided Tour

iScreensaver Designer, Customizing Information :

Control Panel

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The Control Panel allows you to give your screensaver some personality - a name, a graphic image, some descriptive text, and a website that users can click on to reach your site. Plus it customizes all the features of the users' Control Panel in a 'What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get' format. Change the 'Preview as :' to see how your screensaver control panel will look under Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Make sure to test out the smaller tabs for more changeable options and settings.

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Basic Customization :

  • Preview as... : Change the WYSIWYG look to any of the supported iScreensaver platforms.
  • Title : Click 'Edit' to change the Control Panel title of the screensaver.
    You can also click on the actual text to edit it.
  • Picture : This is the Splash screen picture for your iScreensaver. It is recommended to create your splash screen at 392x120 pixels, and to save it using the JPEG format, though any acceptable QuickTime still image format would work. If you use a file that is a different size, it will be automatically resized to fit 392x120 pixels and saved as a JPEG file.
    Click and hold on 'Edit' to access the pop-up menu:
    Click 'Select...' to open the File Browser to choose an image file.
    Click 'Reset' to restore the default iScreensaver splash file.
User Controls : These Options are user settings and cannot be modified in this location in Designer. Not all the options will be available on every type of screensaver. Click either 'Info' or 'Help' for changeable settings.
  • Stretch Mode : This user option is available with Movie-based screensavers, but is not available for overriding sizes in Slide Show-based screensavers. To adjust the stretch mode in Designer, use the settings found on the 'Edit a Movie' settings dialog.
    • 'Actual Size' makes the screensaver the same size as the original movie regardless of monitor resolution. This assists in displaying all frames of the movie on slower machines.
    • 'Proportional' resizes the screensaver to match either the width or height of the user's monitor resolution.
    • 'Fill Screen' stretches the screensaver to the edges of the monitor. This may reduce frame rate on slower machines, but could change the aspect ratio on some monitor resolutions.
  • Volume : Only available to the user on screensavers that have audio. To preset the volume level, adjust the QuickTime volume control found on either the 'Edit a Movie' or 'Edit a Slide Show' settings dialog before building the screensaver.
  • Video Speed : This can dramatically alter the running speed of both movies and slide shows. Not every type of movie can have its speed changed.
  • Video Effects : Some slower machines, especially those using Macintosh OS 9, may have long delays in running some types of Slide Show transitions, so the user has the option to override all video effects used throughout a slide show. This does not permanently change any of the original effects.
    • 'Normal' leaves all effects alone.
    • 'Use Fade Effects only' uses a low-power fade to black between every image, which is good for most all slower, older machines.
    • 'Use Cut Effects only' replaces all transitions with direct cuts between images, which is best for the slowest and oldest machines.
  • Show Cursor : Used for Interactive Movies only, this checkbox is usually off unless you wish for the user to have control of the cursor without waking the computer from Sleep Mode. This can be preset in the 'Edit a Movie' settings dialog.
  • Run on Main Screen only : This option is found only with Macintosh OSX, and it restricts the screensaver to running only on the primary monitor. All other monitors will fade to black until the computer wakes from sleep.

Make sure to click on the 'Info' or 'Help' tabs for more changeable options and settings.