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iScreensaver Designer Guided Tour

iScreensaver Designer, Customizing Information :

Control Panel

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The Control Panel allows you to give your screensaver some personality - a name, a graphic image, some descriptive text, and a website that users can click on to reach your site. Plus it customizes all the features of the users' Control Panel in a 'What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get' format. Change the 'Preview as :' to see how your screensaver control panel will look under Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Make sure to test out the smaller tabs for more changeable options and settings.

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Basic Customization :

  • Preview as... : Change the WYSIWYG look to any of the supported iScreensaver platforms.
  • Title : Click 'Edit' to change the Control Panel title of the screensaver.
    You can also click on the actual text to edit it.
  • Picture : This is the Splash screen picture for your iScreensaver. It is recommended to create your splash screen at 392x120 pixels, and to save it using the JPEG format, though any acceptable QuickTime still image format would work. If you use a file that is a different size, it will be automatically resized to fit 392x120 pixels and saved as a JPEG file.
    Click and hold on 'Edit' to access the pop-up menu:
    Click 'Select...' to open the File Browser to choose an image file.
    Click 'Reset' to restore the default iScreensaver splash file.
Additional Customization :
Other settings can be modified on the smaller tab-panels. Click either 'Info' or 'Help' to change these settings.
  • Online Help : Users can click on this link that can take them to whatever iScreensaver support web page you'd like them to visit, with the page opening within an external web browser. The most recent help information can be found on the iScreensaver support forums, so, while this function can be redirected to whatever page you desire, we highly suggest that this URL continue to link to these support forums. You do not have to show the URL to your web page, but can have some customized descriptive text instead. You must purchase an 'Unlimited' Registration Code to change the Help text and links.
    Click and hold on 'Edit' to access the pop-up menu:
    Click 'Edit Text' to change the description that appears on-screen.
    Click 'Edit URL' to change the URL of the actual page that is opened in the user's external web browser.
    Click 'Test Link' to check the URL in your external web browser.
  • Software Information : Enter a description of the copyright of your screensaver content in this text field. Since one aspect of cross-platform application creation is that the system fonts used on the varying platforms are not exactly the same, please see our examples to view the differences between Windows and Macintosh system fonts. You must purchase an 'Unlimited' Registration Code to enter alternative software information.
  • Software License : This is a active web link to the required U.S. Copyright information for the iScreensaver software. The 'Licensed to:' information is determined from your registration code, however you can change this by clicking the 'Edit' button to enter a different licensee. You must purchase an 'Unlimited' Registration Code to enter an alternative licensee.

Make sure to click on the 'Info' tab for more changeable options and settings.