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all about... iScreensaver Classic

for Macintosh OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 only [for our cross-platform Windows products Click Here.]

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Developed specifically for Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.2, this award-winning software will play anything QuickTime can play - files such as MPEG movies, Picture Galleries, MP3s, and Macromedia Flash movies - and while it is a personal screensaver, it has advanced build features to build your own installers for your customers, friends, and families. Winner of REAL Basic's 2000 Cubies Award for Best Utility of the Year!

The iScreensaver Classic Screensaver works only under pre Mac OS X systems (OS 8.6 - 9.2) as a Control Panel application, but actually has more features than the advanced OS systems, supporting Picture Folders, Open GL modules, support for standalone applications, and the ability to select from multiple modules. Classic can build inexpensive installers for personal use.

Screensaver Features:

  • Works on MacOS 8.6 and later.
  • Turn any QuickTime file into a screensaver (including Flash, MooV, MPEG, JPEG, PICT, BMP, TIFF, etc.).
  • Standards-based (uses standard QuickTime file types).
  • Password protection. Stops casual snooping of your computer.
  • Build a "one-click" installer for easy distribution of your modules and photos.
  • Images and movies can be stretched to fit screen size or played at their natural size.
  • Free for personal use. Registration gives you additional features.
  • Clean Installation. Doesn't install system extensions or DLLs (which can crash your computer).
  • Smart Install. Won't delete existing modules when you install new ones.
  • Auto Re-install. Detects installation problems and offers to fix them automatically.
  • Easy Uninstall. You can deactivate and remove the software from within the screensaver itself.
  • Built-in editor. No need to run a separate editor program: The screensaver itself is also the editor!
  • Multiple module support. Unlike other screensavers, you can have multiple modules installed and switch between them.
  • Per-module custom settings. Each module can have its own unique settings.
  • Sound and global Sound Mute.
  • "Sleep Now" / "Never Sleep" corners.
  • Wake on mouse-click or movement (selectable).
  • "Link Back" so your screensaver users can easily find your website.
  • Live Preview: View the entire movie file from the control panel.
  • Multiple monitor recognition (blanks all other monitors).
  • Free trial download. Try before you buy with no time limit!
  • Much cheaper than the competition.
  • ...and many more...
System Requirements for Macintosh:
  • MacOS 8.6 or MacOS 9 (recommended)
  • PowerPC class computer (68K is not supported)
  • 32MB of System RAM (64MB or more recommended)
  • 4MB free disk space
  • Quicktime 4 or later (QuickTime 5 recommended)
  • A Shockwave Flash, QuickTime movie file, or a movie editor.
    We strongly recommend Macromedia Flash because it creates small files that scale to different monitor sizes very well.

iScreensaver Classic for Macintosh : Guided Tour

This product is for pre-OSX systems only.

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iScreensaver Classic for Macintosh : Licensing

A personal screensaver for MacOS 8.6 thru 9.2, that includes photo folders, movie playback, and other fun features such as 3-D OpenGL modules, and the ability to build screensavers for distribution to other Macintosh users.

  Personal License Levels Distribution License Levels
Type of License: Trial
(free download*)
Consumer Site License Non-Profit /
Classic Professional Classic Enterprise
Play QuickTime movies: YES* YES YES YES YES YES
Display your own Pictures: YES* YES YES YES YES YES
3-D OpenGL modules: YES* YES YES YES YES YES
Create screensavers for Friends & Family: YES YES YES YES YES YES
Customize all playback features: NO YES YES YES YES YES
License to install on multiple computers: NO NO YES YES YES
Distribute for non-profit or non-commercial uses: NO NO NO YES
Distribute for profit or commercial uses: NO NO NO NO YES
Screensaver built for distribution come pre-installed with the $20 Consumer license: NO NO NO NO NO YES
Amount of corporate / logo branding: n/a n/a n/a Limited Limited Moderate
(in US Dollars)
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* In the Trial Version, some features to customize the screensaver display are disabled. You may only distribute screensavers to Friends & Family, and the installers will expire in 48 hours. In addition, after 7 days, you will receive occasional messages asking you to register.