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iScreensaver Designer Guided Tour

iScreensaver Designer, Building the Installers :


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The Build / Install panel is where you actually build the screensaver installers. First, of course, you will want to name the files, provide customized icons, and create a personalized license agreement. You have the option of adding a custom Wallpaper desktop background, and specifying which version of QuickTime will be the minimum necessary for your users' machines. This panel is also where you register your copy of iScreensaver Designer. Registration codes can be purchased on this website, just click here.

Help for this section:

Create Installers : Select which platforms you wish to build iScreensavers for, name the screensaver files and the installer file, and then click the 'Build' button.

  • Naming Windows files : Files must end with the associated suffixes ('.exe' and '.scr'), and names are limited to a total of 230 characters.
  • Naming Macintosh files : Suffixes are not required, but names are limited to 31 characters. However for web downloads, the suffix '.hqx' is required, so this actually limits the Macintosh Installer name to 27 characters.
  • Naming Installers : This is the filename that the end user will see on their desktop when downloading and installing. The installer's menubar title will be the same as listed on the Installer panel.
  • Naming Screensavers : This is the filename of the actual screensaver file on the end user's computer. Most of the time under Windows and Macintosh OSX, the actual filename is never seen by the user. The Control Panel's menubar name will be the same as the Title entered on the Info tab on the Control Panel panel.
Custom Icons : To change the icons, create a 32 x 32 pixel file with the desired icon art, and save it as a PICT or BMP file. Click on the icon you desire to change, and then select the new file with your icon art.
  • Installer Icons : These icons show up when the user downloads the screensaver installer.
  • Screensaver Icons : These icons show up when the user looks at the final screensaver on their computer. Most of the time under Windows and Macintosh OSX, these icons are never seen by the user.
Installer Settings
  • Wallpaper : You can choose an image to be included as a desktop background. Click on 'Edit' to select or delete a chosen image. Click on 'Test' to install or uninstall the image on your machine. The user will have the option whether to install the Wallpaper or not during installation.
  • Minimum QuickTime : You can specify a base-level of QuickTime. The user will be asked to install the free download and/or upgrade from the Apple web site. This process is well-guided and will return them to the iScreensaver installer when they are done.
  • Registering Software : The screensaver software will only function in Demo Mode until a valid registration code has been entered. Registration Codes can be purchased here. The current registration status and registration name are shown.
Starting the Build Process
  • Build : Click to start the building process.
  • Reveal Installer : The Installers are placed into a new folder called 'Installers' that will be created in the same folder as your Project. Clicking this button will open on the desktop the Installers folder.
  • Reveal Project Folder : Clicking this button will open on the desktop the folder that has your Project file.