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iScreensaver Designer Guided Tour

iScreensaver Designer, Selecting Alternate Screensaver Content :

Alternate Content

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The Alternate panel allows you to choose your alternate screensaver file, also known as Deluxe Content. You must purchase an 'Unlimited' Registration Code to use alternate content. Like the primary Content, the Alternate screensaver can be either a Movie or a Slide Show, using any QuickTime-compatible format including Macromedia Flash, MPEG, AVI, various codecs of MOVs, or folders of PICTs, JPGs, BMPs, and more. Here you can preview the screensaver to make sure it will display correctly with the customized display options you have chosen.

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Choosing Files

  • Kind : Choose either Movie or Slide Show.
  • New... / Edit... : Click 'New...', if no screensaver has yet been chosen, or 'Edit...' to open the editor to change settings for your screensaver.
  • File : Indicates what type of screensaver is currently chosen.
  • Info : Reveals further information about the screensaver, such as Size, Type and Creator for Movie screensavers, or number of images for Slide Show screensavers.
  • Path : Describes the folder location of a Movie screensaver. Slide Show screensavers can have multiple locations for the original images so it does not list them here, however specific image path information can be found at the bottom of the preview in the 'Edit Slide Show' window.
Previewing Files
  • > : Click here to play a small preview of the screensaver in the preview screen above. This changes to a 'Pause' icon when playing.
  • |< : Click here to rewind the screensaver preview to the beginning.
  • << : Click here to rewind the screensaver preview.
  • >> : Click here to fast forward the screensaver preview.
  • Full Screen : Click to preview the screensaver using your entire monitor at the stretch mode chosen in the Edit Movie or Edit Slide Show windows.
Alternate Text : When the alternate screensaver is installed, it completely replaces the original primary content, including the 'About' information found on the Info tab of the Control Panel. In this manner, you can refer to Deluxe Content originally, but remove any reference to it once the user has unlocked it. The button on the Control Panel for Deluxe Content will also disappear after unlocking.
  • About this Screensaver : Enter a description of the content of your alternate screensaver in this text field. Since one aspect of cross-platform application creation is the system fonts used on the varying platforms are not exactly the same, please see our examples to view the differences between Windows and Macintosh system fonts.
Special Alternate Unlocking Codes : This is up to you. Whatever you wish to have the users type to unlock your alternate screensaver. Some designers have made a jumble game, hiding several words around their website that when strung together, make up the Unlocking Code. Others have sold their codes using PayPal. Yet others have used this as a parental device, with a children's screensaver as the free download, and a young adult-oriented screensaver hidden inside. One designer has hidden their unlock code within their Flash movie, so making the users watch their original screensaver for quite some time before reaching the code. Use your imagination.
  • Unlocking Code : Enter your specialized unlocking code for your users to unlock the alternate screensaver. You can use the letters A-Z, a-z, and the numbers 0-9, but remember that the code is case-sensitive.
  • Web Site URL : Enter the URL of the actual page that is opened in the user's external web browser for receiving the Unlocking Code.
  • Test Link : Click 'Test Link' to check the URL in your external web browser.