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iScreensaver version 6.8.4 has a number of bug-fixes and improvements, including several bugs that could cause playback failure on multi-monitor macOS Apple Silicon / M1 systems or the macOS Ventura 13.0 beta. Authors who are building screensavers that may be encountering any of these issues should update, re-build, and re-distribute their screensavers.

Release Notes
We are pleased to announce the release of iScreensaver version 6 which supports macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) through 11 (Big Sur) and Windows 7 through 10. Read about Version 6

iScreensaver and macOS Ventura (13.0)

We have begun testing macOS Ventura.

So far, beta 1 of Ventura (13.0) has a number of rough spots, and we are seeing problems with screensaver operation. We do not recommend you use 13.0 beta in production at this time.

However, today's release of iScreensaver addresses some of the issues with Ventura.

There are several remaining known issues in macOS Ventura, and we are working with Apple to solve these issues:

  • [mac] Saver installer is unable to open the System Preferences / Screen Saver preference pane, but installation otherwise completes. Appears to be macOS bug. The app (now named "System Settings") does open, but has no window. Not our bug: repeatable if you just double-click /System/Library/PrefPanes/Desktop/DesktopScreenEffectsPef.prefPane Reported to apple as FB10069739
  • [mac] On 13.0 beta 1, there is a bug which crashes and locks up the System Settings window when the "Opening in a separate window" dialog closes. The screensaver preferences window is functional, however, and changes should stick when you close the window. This appears to be an OS bug and affects other third-party screensavers. Reported to Apple.
  • [mac] saver / multimonitor: on Ventura, HUD only works on the last screen - if you mouse over to a different screen, the screensaver will either wake up or the HUD won't show. Appears to be an OS change or bug. Will keep looking for workarounds and/or submit to Apple.
  • [mac] saver / multimonitor: on Ventura, HUD only works once. After you click on any control, your next mouse movement (of sufficient distance) exits the saver.  Appears to be an OS change or bug Will keep looking for workarounds and/or submit to Apple.

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