iScreensaver has been updated to version

iScreensaver version 6.8.2 includes more fixes for video playback when using the HUD (Head's Up Display) onscreen controls, improves the reliability of grabbing Thumbnail icons from video and GLB/GLTF files. It also includes small fixes in preparation for macOS Monterey and Windows 11 (both of which are in beta).

Release Notes
We are pleased to announce the release of iScreensaver version 6 which supports macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) through 11 (Big Sur) and Windows 7 through 10. Read about Version 6

Q re rotating an image

I have an image that is sideways in Photos, where I corrected it by rotating it.

I'm assuming that there is no way to rotate an image in iScreensaver, or did I miss that part?

I exported the corrected image out of Photos and then added it to iScreensaver. Is that the correct and only way?


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    iScreensaver Designer gives you full control. On the Info window, Media Tab, go to the Display section, and the Adjust controls. You can Flip the image (Reversing it top/bottom, left/right, or both) or do rotation (from 0 to 360 degrees).

    See for more info:

  • That's what I thought. I tried various combinations but obviously not the right one 😊

    Thanks for confirming that it's doable within.

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