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iScreensaver version 6.8.3 fixes an issue that could cause screensaver installers to crash silently on macOS non-English language systems (such as Korean). It also has improved error reporting, and has been tested with the latest versions of Windows 11 and macOS 12.1 Monterey. Any authors distributing screensavers to non-English macOS users should update and rebuild as soon as possible, and other authors are encouraged to update and rebuild when convenient.

Release Notes
We are pleased to announce the release of iScreensaver version 6 which supports macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) through 11 (Big Sur) and Windows 7 through 10. Read about Version 6

screensaver not filling screen

Running the OSX version of the app to make Win screensaver. (Great feature!)

Everything seems to work OK except that the screensaver on the PC does not fill the screen. There is black at sides & top/bottom. As in attached image.

I see the same thing on two different PC.

thanks in advance



  • Hi Scott, glad you liike the product.

    iScreensaver allows a range of sizes and motion. Some of the options will fill the screen, and some will not.

    Because screens come in different aspect ratios (width to height ratio) it's generally not possible for one screensaver to perfectly fill the screen on every computer. So you either have to choose to have black bars on the side or top/bottom (this is called "letterboxing" ) or you can have the image expand to fill the screen completely, with some edges perhaps offscreen (this is called "crop" mode).

    See for details.

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