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At the present time, iScreensaver Designer 5.2 provides support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra, but there are some functional limitations.

Please read the 10.13 High Sierra Tech Note as well as the Release Notes.

Due to changes made by Apple, iScreensaver Designer version 5.2 does not currently support macOS 10.14 Mojave.

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[Solved] Distributing iScreensaver to multiple Users

edited September 2018 in General Discussions
I am trying to distribute an iScreensaver for multiple Users and have created a script which does the following:

1. Copies “MOSA Libs” folder to C:\Windows\MOSA Libs
2. Copies “MOSA.scr” to C:\Windows
3. Imports “iScreenSaver.reg” key (consists of all settings in "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\iScreensaver”)
4. Sets the “"HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\SCRNSAVE.EXE” registry key value to "C:\Windows\MOSA.sCr"

However, this still does not work for me and screensaver does not get enabled.

We do have an existing policy which sets HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Control Panel\Desktop

ScreenSaveActive with value to “1”
ScreenSaverIsSecure with a value of “1”
ScreenSaveTimeOut with a value of “900”

Could there be a conflict or can you tell me if I am missing anything in my current configuration?

Alternatively, we have an executable which we received called "Install Mosaic Screensaver.exe", is there a way to silently deploy this? That would be a preferable way to do this.



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