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[Solved] Distributing iScreensaver to multiple Users

edited September 2018 in General Discussions
I am trying to distribute an iScreensaver for multiple Users and have created a script which does the following:

1. Copies “MOSA Libs” folder to C:\Windows\MOSA Libs
2. Copies “MOSA.scr” to C:\Windows
3. Imports “iScreenSaver.reg” key (consists of all settings in "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\iScreensaver”)
4. Sets the “"HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\SCRNSAVE.EXE” registry key value to "C:\Windows\MOSA.sCr"

However, this still does not work for me and screensaver does not get enabled.

We do have an existing policy which sets HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Control Panel\Desktop

ScreenSaveActive with value to “1”
ScreenSaverIsSecure with a value of “1”
ScreenSaveTimeOut with a value of “900”

Could there be a conflict or can you tell me if I am missing anything in my current configuration?

Alternatively, we have an executable which we received called "Install Mosaic Screensaver.exe", is there a way to silently deploy this? That would be a preferable way to do this.



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