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[Solved] iScreensaver Crashing upon Launch

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iScreensaver Personal, or iScreensaver Designer crash about 1-30 seconds after launch.


iScreensaver is crashing while scanning your iTunes or iPhoto library


1. Open iScreensaver.
2. from the iScreensavermenu, choose Preferences (tip: or, you can hold down the Command key and press the Comma key)
3. Uncheck the "Metadata Import: Use iPhoto library" and/or "Use iTunes library" checkbox(es)
4. Click OK
5. Quit and restart iScreensaver

We have only had reports of this happening using OS X 10.10.1 but if it happens to you, please contact us.


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    To diagnose the comment for sure, open the application, click "Show Log List" and then find the iScreensaver Crash log on the left side.

    You may find a section that looks like this:

    Thread XX Crashed:
    0 com.iscreensaver.personal 0x00c9f8eb cXMLDocument.SetTextContent%%os + 1103
    1 com.iscreensaver.personal 0x00c9f3ac cXMLDocument.GetTagContent%i4%oo&i4 + 970
    2 com.iscreensaver.personal 0x00c9bcaf cXMLDocument.Parse%o%ooo + 1942
    3 com.iscreensaver.personal 0x00ca1b24 cXMLDocument.LoadXML%o%ooo + 308
    4 com.iscreensaver.personal 0x00913c27 ciPhoto2.Constructor%%o + 1012
    5 com.iscreensaver.personal 0x00917b07 tiPhoto.Event_Run%%o + 120
    6 rbframework.dylib 0x0104fa21 threadRun + 633
    7 0x9c1068b0 CooperativeThread + 305
    8 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x94b7becf _pthread_body + 138
    9 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x94b7be45 _pthread_start + 162
    10 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x94b79f0e thread_start + 34

    This would be very strong indication that the iTunes/iPhoto library scanning is to blame.
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