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At the present time, iScreensaver Designer 5.2 provides support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra, but there are some functional limitations.

Please read the 10.13 High Sierra Tech Note as well as the Release Notes.

Due to changes made by Apple, iScreensaver Designer version 5.2 does not currently support macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Please read our forum post for the latest updates.

[Solved] Mac image-only screensaver takes 30 seconds to load or preview

edited September 2018 in General Discussions
It started happening when we upgraded to a registered copy. We need a fix for this ASAP


  • The only time we've seen this is when a third party product was interfering. It's almost impossible that upgrading to a registered copy could have caused the issue. Please refer to for tips & hints.
  • Well, it worked just fine in 3 out of 3 macs we tested, once we upgraded the software and created a new installer, all 3 Macs have this issue. This happened overnight and there was no software installation or update between tests...
  • I also read the entire thread you pointed me to, but that happened with Video screensavers, we're only using small JPG's, nothing more... I also sent you a copy of the installer so you can test it yourselves. Can you please confirm?
    Thank you!
  • Thank you -- I just tested the installer you sent us, and it looks very simple: only a few images, and it seems to work normally: It starts right up in about 2 seconds on the test machine (10.9.4).

    We've emailed you some instructions for further investigation, please check those out and get back to us if possible.
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