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[Solved] Video SWF/H264 stuttering on Windows 7

edited September 2018 in General Discussions
I'm having trouble getting any video to play smoothly as a screensaver. I've tried many different resolutions, bit rates and frame rates in SWF and H264 formats. Both the SWFs and H264s will play smoothly if I view them in Chrome. Are videos just always slightly stuttery when used as a screensaver? Is it a CPU priority issue? My client requires an SWF but I tried the H264 just to test out a more modern codec. Thanks for any advice!

I'm on a quad core i7 using the latest Quicktime and Flash.


  • First, while it's generally true that the screensaver shouldn't expect to have 100% of the computer's CPU available, generally you can get decent looking video.

    It's not clear from your question exactly what you've tried : I'm assuming this is on Windows? What version? When you are trying H264 video, are you using QuickTime or Flash playback?

    More details would help - also, if you have any sample files you'd like to share, email us and give us a way to download it and we'd be happy to give some advice.
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